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The Empire is one of 2 playable factions in Allods. They are the anti-thesis of The League.

The Empire is composed of the The Xadaganians , The Orcs and The Arisen. It's capital city is Nezebgrad.


Principles and Leaders:

Ruthless, industrial, and militaristic, the Empire’s single-mindedness is reflected equally in all its citizens - the zealous Xadaganians, the brutal Orcs, and the brilliant Arisen. The Empire is led by a Xadaganian Great Mage named Yasker, and it is forever attempting to expand its boundaries. Mistreated by the Kanians millennia ago, the injustice still remains hot in the Xadaganians’ blood. This has resulted in a hatred of the Kanians and their allies that extends to all aspects of the Empire’s citizenry.


Unlike the League which is ruled by a combination of Kanian nobles, temporary Elven leaders, and a democratic council, the Empire is tightly controlled by a few government leaders. All national affairs are carried out with absolute precision, including the distribution of food, housing, and other necessities. The government’s main goal is to increase their military might, and the Empire boasts a fearsome army backed by ingenious Arisen technology as well as fierce Orcish warriors.


In contrast to the League’s singular worship of Tensess, the Empire follows the Trinity Church where Tensess, Nezeb, and Skrakan are worshipped equally. The Xadaganians are determined to prove the saintly nature of Nezeb and Skrakan and prove the inadequacies of the League’s Church of Light.

Social Status:

Many Xadaganians have feelings of superiority towards their Orcish and Arisen comrades, while the Arisen remain indifferent towards these opinions as well as many other Imperial matters as long as they can continue their scientific experiments unhindered. Meanwhile, the Orcish shamans hope that one day an Orcish Great Mage will rise up, an event that would allow them to break away from the Empire and return to a life with fewer rules. To prevent fragmentation of the Empire, the government has launched an extensive propaganda campaign to promote a sense of unity. Gradually, these efforts are beginning to draw the three races together.