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The League is one of 2 playable factions in the game. They are the anti-thesis of The Empire.

The League is composed of the The Kanians ,The Elves , and The Gibberlings . It's capital city is Novograd.


Principles and Leaders:

Founded upon the precepts of honour, devotion, and nobility, the noble Kanians, mystical Elves, and inquisitive Gibberlings comprise the League. The League is led by Aidenus, a Kanian Great Mage, and spans numerous allods. Thousands of years ago the Kanians were attacked by the Xadaganians, resulting in a rivalry that is now reflected in the League’s unwavering animosity against the Xadaganians and their Orcish and Arisen allies.


Unlike the Empire which is fuelled by the pursuit of military and scientific superiority, the League is driven by a devotion to tradition and the determination to uphold their way of life. It’s ruled by a combination of Kanian nobles, the leaders of the Elves’ current ruling house, and a general democratic council. While the League boasts a military similar in strength to the Empire, due to its agrarian roots the League has lacked the Empire’s lust for conquest.


One of the most important institutions in the League is the Church of Light. The Church of Light is one of the most popular religions in Sarnaut and allows all races to openly worship Tensess. The Kanians and Elves are the strongest disciples of the Church, as the religion never truly caught on with the free-spirited Gibberlings.

Social Status:

Noble birth and social status is very important to the Kanians, and the Elves care deeply about the house they belong to. The Gibberlings are extremely dedicated to their siblings, and are fiercely loyal to one another no matter the consequences. As a result, many citizens in the League are more concerned about themselves and their families than the League as a whole. Although the government has been attempting to create a greater sense of camaraderie, change has been slow, but the arrival of dark times in Sarnaut is creating a greater push for cooperation.