League Title
Vlad Kononov
Volot Kononov
Blacksmithing Trainer
Race: Kanian (Humanoid)
Level: 40 Regular
Hostility: League - Empire
Location: Novograd
Rep. Faction: League Crafters' Guild

Vlad Kononov is a Blacksmithing Trainer.

Features in Quests

Help for the League Crafters' Guild


Name Level Required Price
Blacksmith's Training Manual none 38Silver
Blacksmith's Oblivion Potion none 38Silver
Portable Forge none 2Silver 66Copper
Impure Peat 47Copper
Refined Peat 1Silver 43Copper
Brown Coal 3Silver 52Copper
Black Coal 8Silver 74Copper
Diluted Kerosene 20Silver 90Copper
Pure Kerosene 51Silver 30Copper
Mediocre Charcoal 1Gold 14Silver
Fine Charcoal 2Gold 66Silver

Location: Novograd, East of Aidenus' Tower

Volot Kononov map

Kononov's location

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