Neutral Title
Andrey Begunov / Pavel Ovinov
Allods 100310 205458 02
Wandering Alchemist
Race: Kanian/Xadaganian (Humanoid)
Level: 7 Regular

Andrey Begunov for League and Pavel Ovinov for Empire, also known as the Wandering Alchemist, is an NPC required for the League quest Banking Crisis and the Empire quest Trouble at the Bank.

To complete the quest players must find the wandering alchemist and talk to him to get components of a shrinking elixir. There are 13/14 parts in total (League/Empire), but it may be required to find the alchemist more than that due to the fact that he can give the same components multiple times.

The wandering alchemist has a set number of teleports (10 for League/12 for Empire) and will teleport randomly to another location once a player receives a component from him, arriving there 4 minutes later. He will stay at one location for 10 minutes, if no player talks to him.

The components cannot be stored in the bank, and will occupy 5 inventory slots until the quest is finished.

Features in Quests

League Locations


  • Novograd: at the resurrection chapel outside the north gate
  • Sawmill/Treasure: near the treasure spot on the hill.
  • Big Stones: in a tent on the east side of the area
  • Oreshek Camp: by the yellow crystal
  • White Lake: in Snowmelt Flows near the lake (behind Ophelia de Grandeur


  • Molotovka: next to the rafter gibberlings on the docks.
  • Salt Lake: in the building next to the resurrection chapel
  • Gravestein: on the docks.
  • Sieged Stronghold: next to the reputation quartermaster
  • Cape of Good Hope: wandering around the camp.
WAlchemist siveria raft

Molotovka's raft

Wandering alchemist salt lake

Salt Lake building

WA treasure

Near the sawmill/treasure

WA oreshek

Near Oreshek camp

Wa gravestein

Gravestein dock

Wa white lake

White Lake

Wa big stones

Big Stones

Empire Locations


  • Hadron Quarter: next to Agata Mazipova & Lev Ragulin.
  • Imperial Square: near couple of NPCs (Dmitry Saturdanov & Edgar Pipein) NE corner of the Square.
  • Victory Park: walking back and forth on small pathway NW part from the central statue.
  • Old Square: near two Police Officers, Samuel Scalin & Stephen Gigantin.
  • Near merchant, outside/surrounding Yasker's Tower. (Road between section and Yasker's Tower)

Severny Steppe:

  • Nezebgrad Port: main building 2nd floor. near two scientists, in front of statue.
  • Old Barracks: in front of IMD private & Shrinka The Fierce.
  • Dead Shore Training Camp: in front of flagpole.

Igsh Military District:

  • Imperial Training Camp: next to flagpole.
  • Red Barracks: near statue, east side of camp, next to Klim Stag & Red private.
  • Blue Barracks: walking north/south on "main road".
  • Imperial Hospital: SW part, next to "IMD Field Doctor".
  • Necro-Incubator: at corner of Necro-rhino fence, near Nomarkh Khaldun.
Imperial Hospital

Imperial hospital


Nezebgrad Port

Pavel Ovinov

Blue Barracks

Hadron Quarter

Hadron Quarter

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