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XAES (Xadaganian Astral Energy Station) is the first dungeon that The Empire players can enter and complete once they reach level 10. This is also one of the opening heroics. It is located in Southeast Nezebgrad, players must fight their way through the Boiler Camp, enter the Ruined Catacombs to find the hidden entrance. It can be accessed in two modes, Normal or Heroic.


Nezebgrad Map.jpg

The XAES is located in the Southeastern corner of Nezebgrad and the normal mode can be accessed through the Ruined Catacombs. The entrance is located in the Boiler Camp, and it is guarded by Tep Cultists as well as League Operatives and Spies.

Normal Monsters:

  • League Infiltrators
  • League Scouts
  • League Intruders
  • League Archers
  • League Archmages
  • League Prowlers
  • League Saboteurs
  • Goblin Traitors
  • Trained Eagles

Bosses and strategy

  • Ugy and Igy

Two bosses, twice the hurt. A tank and spank pair, so if one or two tanks can pick them up then it's just business as usual.

This boss can throw an explosive on one of the party members which will explode and do damage to allies around them (about 20y radius). Other than that, this boss is a tank and spank as well.

This boss has a 'slow' spell that increases the cost of your skills, increases the cooldown on skills, and slows your movement speed. This is normally thrown on the tank, so it may be a bit hard for him to tank without giving him about 10s to gain aggro. Other than that, tank and spank.

If you do not clear out all the mobs first, this guy is a pain. The goblins next to him can be killed and they won't respawn; they're also leashed to him (any attacks and they all will start attacking). The boss will summons elementals, these have lower HP and should be killed so they don't keep interrupting. The boss throws ice at you constantly when not summoning elementals. Tank and spank.


  • Ugy and Igy do not exist in the normal (quest-driven) version of XAES.


There are 5 quests that can be completed in XAES.


Afanasy Kudenov drops these items: