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Leader of the Empire
Race: Xadaganian (Humanoid)
Level: 55 Boss
Hostility: League - Empire
Location: Nezebgrad

Great Mage and supreme leader of the Empire.

He can be located in his office in Yasker's Tower in Nezebgrad accessible by teleport in one of the large rooms upstairs guarded by Yasker Hawks.

He is personally in charge of the Lab Thirteen project.


Yasker is the leader of the Empire since the death of Nezeb in the Great Astral Campaign. He banished his rival Great Mage Gorluxor with the help of Arisen and the Orcs to whom he promised equality with Xadaganians. This way he created the modern Empire - disciplined, equal and loyal.


Yasker rules the nation with firm hand and borderless love to the motherland. He keeps an eye on his subordinates and enforces zero tolerance for corruption. As a leader he usually doesn't show emotions publicly.

Featured in Quests

Great Mage in battle with League players

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